name: fietsche einselbock.
projects: vzusdw.
nation: germany.
link: mbira records.
vita: born in bremen
learned drummer and flutist
started electroning in about 1985
founding member of the legendary vzusdw

statement: "Flaschenpost" is a an edit of a tone study made together with clemens presser and later released on the album "4 studien f. lose bits/1 doppel" (2003 mbira records). It describes a journey in a bottle from the light of day diving deep into the sea. So the listener can follow the journey of all nekton(es) watching safely from within the glass.

discography: 4 studien f. lose bits/1 doppel [album with clemens presser; 2003 mbira records]

with vzusdw:
le moubé [maxi; 2001 mbira records].
die katze als priester [album; 2001/2002 mbira records].
tm_fliegen [ep; mbira records 2003].
tomorrow will be like today [album; mbira records 2004].
vollmond ep [ep; mbira records 2004].
ioc ep [ep; mbira records 2006].
schädeldöner ep [ep; mbira records 2006].

track flaschenpost on nekton falls comp. [2006 sonic dragon].