name: das synthetische mischgewebe
nation: germany.

discography: DISCOGRAPHY (1990-2006)

The Harvest Of Magnetism I & II / Überlebensformen II
LP 33rpm
(cat#) Discos Esplendor Geometrico - Spain 1990

The Growing.. Of The Result.. Into The State.. Of Hyperreality
7‚‚ 45rpm
(P-1410790) Edita IPS - Spain 1990

Assemblage II
LP 33rpm
(KP3791) Korm Plastiks - Netherlands 1990

Interférence Et Plus
CD 61:36
(SFCRCD01) S.F.C.R. - France 1992

CD 51:13
(FLCD01) Flenix - Japan 1998

Some Conceptual Obligations, The Usual Rough & Rumble And The Conspiration Of Silence
CD 53:57
(PAL-19) Pinch-A-Loaf - USA 1999

7‚‚ 45rpm
(cat#) Povertech Industries - USA 1999

Casual Praise Of Domestic Calamities
CD 62:11
(GIA02) hypnagogia - UK 2004

Inventaire & Contradictions
Retrospektive Vol.1 LP
material from the 80's
LP (Vinyl-On-Demand 10) Germany 2004:


on ŒHare-Hunter-Field‚ CD
(cat#) Johnny Blue - PG 1992

on ŒThe Passing Gods‚ CD
(cat#) PlayLoud - PG 1993

virtual concret
on ŒRégénération Dégénérescence‚ CD
(cat#) Kaon - France 1996

unworn cellophane
on ŒTulpas‚ 5CD
(SCD024) Selektion - Germany 1997

tied up for the picture frame the preciouse one
on ŒGarten Der Verschlungenen Pfade‚ CD
(cat#) Artefakt - Germany 1999

falling face down feeling the cold tiled floor an image tucked inside a heart 360° convenience

on ŒElectNoiz #4‚ CD
(cat#) MSBR Records - Japan 1999

leisure for max in the arteries of his past dominion
on ŒIntransitive Twenty-Three‚ 2CD
(int023) Intransitive Recordings - USA 2004

infinity acrobatics of the wanton infant prince, lays stock of gestures in
a manufactured commissure to depict the reward of erratically nights
on Œ‚ 2CD
(cat#) ResonanceFM - UK 2004

Simphony Amodal
on Volume II of A Tribute To The New Blockaders
2 x 4LP box-set
(Vinyl-On-Demand 25
Germany 2006)


FICTION - German Suppression LP
(cat#) ? - Germany 1983
Kind of Robert Fripp inspired Berlin based Rock group.
Didn't want silent pauses between their pieces, which led to 9 microludes of DSM noises.

V/A - RRR100 7"
(RRR100) RRR - 199?
100 lockgrooves. DSM lockgroove #71

VITAL US #2 Magazine
(RRR074) Vital/RRR - 199?
with '7" single including two compositions by Peter Duimelinks using material of, amongst others : Merzbow, Due Process, Con-Dom, Schimpfluch and DSM.


The Monosyllabic Bicycles Tricolorous Quadrouples
A collaboration with The New Blockaders
LP and '7/45 on Absurd, Greece

Assemblage II CD re-release of the LP 33rpm
(KP3791) Korm Plastiks - Netherlands 1990
with additional material on Absurd, Greece

Frequency Conquistadors
Split LP with TBC on his label
Wachsender Prozess, Germany

Frequency Conquistadors (intermission)
7/33 on Klanggalerie, Austria

75 Entgleisungen
CD on AufAbwegen, Germany

2 x CD-R
2 in Situ recordings from the mid 80's in Berlin's West that have vanished from the map
on /\IC, Germany

vinyl on demand