name: NÍÐ.
© NÍÐ.
nation: switzerland & germany.


feine trinkers bei pinkels daheim.
statement: NID nekton falls

We are interested in all kinds of natural sounds. It is our aim to integrate this source-material with our electronic equipment and translate these sounds (which sometime seem quite musical in ist natural from already) into a music of dark, yet relaxing ambience.

„Towers Of Babel“ is a strange but fascinating symbiosis of natural and electronic sounds. The music is meant to stir the body and the mind. Like scuba diving down a well of tones, drifting in a sea of noise. „Towers of Babel“ is a soundscape giving birth to images of darkness and tranquillity.

„Inside these towers of Babel / Arisen now but unstable / We’re fighting in thin air / Within a vaginal glare.“
discography: nid discography.