name: frans de waard.
frans de waard.
projects: beequeen.
kapotte muziek.
nation: netherlands.

statement: Frans de Waard is mostly known by the various names he chooses for his projects (Kapotte Muziek, Beequeen, Goem, Shifts, Freiband, Quest), but for a specific part of his musical output he uses his own name. This particular part deals with environmental sounds. There are two groups of works to be found in his work as a composer of music using environmental sounds. Firstly there are the unprocessed sounds, in which the role of the composer is reduced to making selections of sounds. Here, Frans de Waard, released 'Trein', a two way, split channel journey by train. These works are to be recognized by their Dutch titles which are very specific to what the sound is.
The second group of works are works that contain sounds that are processed in the studio, either electronically or by means of collage. These pieces are called 'Klankschap', which is fake Dutch word. 'Klank' is sound, 'Landschap' is environment. In 'Klankschap #3', Frans de Waard uses the sound of a refrigerator, which makes an obnoxious noise throughout the day. An unsilent machine, which is 'silenced' in this piece. Although at a relatively low volume, it's not the intention of De Waard to intergrate so much silence. Other pieces are in general more upfront in volume.
It's not necessary that 'Klankschap' is a restricted to a release (either CD or MP3). Some were solely presented live.

Klankschap #1: EAR 2000 festival (concert)
Klankschap #2: JNR Record store (concert)
Klankschap #3: 3" CDR for Aesova
Klankschap #4: 3" CDR for Kissy Records
Klankschap #5: Invisible Cities project by Fallt (part of installation)
Klankschap #6: Lux Theatre, Nijmegen (concert)
Klankschap #7: track for 'Das Dreidimensionale Mobiusland (2xCD by Flying Swimming)
Klankschap #8: Observer drift compilation (unreleased yet)
Klankschap #9: 3"CDR for and/OAR (unreleased yet)
Klankschap #10: track for 'On Lap' (Nekton Falls 3xCD)

discography: frans de waard discography.